We produce videos from DJ live sets. Working with a diversity of cameras and tools we create an interesting and dynamic viewing experience. 

Our passion for music, DJ-ing and video droves us to give the audience an insight in the artist performance. We focus on capturing the DJ’s actions and emotions. We do this by filming up close to the action. Small adjustments and gig emotions. We show it all, giving the fans a real insight of the artists personality and performance.

Artists we recorded


General Information

In our studio in we record DJ live sets with a multi camera setup. It is possible to record a single DJ set of 60-90 minutes or a full day event. Recording shorter showcases, or longer events is possible. Please contact us for more details. Our studio is located in Utrecht (NL). For recordings on locations please check out the ‘on site’ section of this page.  


High Resolution Promotional Video’s  | 

Social Media & Streaming Ready

 | Facilities And House Rules In Line With Dutch Government Policy

 | Terms Of Use Required


1,5 M Social Distance

 | Strict Crew & Artist Policy

 | Gear Cleaned After Every DJ Set

 | Handsoap & -sanitiser

 | Toilet / Restroom

 | On Site Parking


Editting Included | 

Stable Audio Recording [Record Out]

 | 1080p Video's [Other Options: On Request]

 | 320 kbps Audio [Other Options: On Request]

MAin setup

Fixed And Motion Camera's

 | Crew of 3 (2x Cam 1x Equipment) | 

Larger Setup

 | On Beat Editing

 | Motion Editing

Camera Setup

Overview Camera [Front]

 | Close Up Camera [Booth]

 | Side Shot Camera [Booth] | 

Topview Camera [DJ Gear] | 

Stable Hand Camera [Motion]

 | Zoom Camera [Details]


2x CDJ 2000 NXS + DJM 850 NXS

 | DJ Monitor | 

Front Speakers | 

Wireless Microphone | 

Countdown Clock

 | Better Show Lighting

 | Better Video Lighting | 

Setup / Deco Adjustible [On Request]


ALL our video’s are available on vimeo

On site Productions


Fixed And Several Motion Camera's

Larger Crew

Custom Setup

On Beat Editing

Motion Editing

Production Planning

Story Telling

Voice Over(s)


Advertising / Sponsorships



Overview Camera [Front]

Close Up Camera [Booth]

Side Shot Camera [Booth]

Topview Camera [DJ Gear] [When Possible]

Stable Hand Camera [Motion]

Zoom Camera [Details]

Slowmotion Camera



4x CDJ 2000 NXS + DJM 900 NXS

DJ Monitor

Front speakers

Wireless Microphone

Countdown Clock

Better Show Lighting

Better Video Lighting

Setup / Deco Adjustible [on request]

Environment / Building LIghting

LED Screens / Walls

Stage Building



With a world in lockdown students are not able to get the field experience they need in the event- and music industry.

Contained Sessions Teamed up With STAD UTRECHT for an epic student program.

More about COntained Sessions

People are bound to their homes in the battle against the COVID-19 virus. Social distancing is a necessary precaution, causing all public events to be cancelled. Artists, DJ’s and composers are no longer able to perform and their fanbase is no longer able to attend the shows. Along with this development everybody who owns a camera (and DJ Gear) started live-streaming in order to give the joy of music in these roaring times.
With this tidal wave of single camera live-streams, Contained Sessions wants to give the audience a different experience.

We produce video’s of DJ sets from multiple angles, using moving cameras, on-beat timing and proper lighting. We make a up-close video of the DJ set highlighting the DJ’s movement, actions and expressions; giving the viewer a closer look into the artist’s performance and personality.
We do this within the government guidelines, health codes and other regulations concerning the COVID-19 virus. To get a better understanding of methods and our work, please watch our promotional video below.
Outside our studio we can take the same principles and setup to a different location. Larger locations give us the opportunity to get creative; shoot different angles and create unique footage, using drones and other toys.

Our goal is creating valuable content. From our main studio setup to story telling video productions on exclusive locations with special effects and other visual aids: let’s go all out! Sadly, but necessary in these times, no content with crowds.


Stay up to date on all our adventures! 

In association with: Tim Lokhorst, CreativFactorB-BE 

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